Ben Rudin Attorney and Counselor at LawIf you asked people who know or knew Ben Rudin, a lot or a little, you would almost certainly hear an agreement that his becoming a lawyer is no surprise. As a childhood friend of his put it, “I am not even remotely surprised you ended up a lawyer, simply based on growing up with you; you were always looking for the truth and the best answer.” For Ben, truth and justice are not buzzwords; they are the guiding principles of his life.

From his early teens, Ben has always had a passion for our system of laws: how they are enacted, enforced, and challenged. He has found that just laws need proper enforcement, and unjust laws need to be challenged, struck down, and repealed. That is why he dedicates his practice to protecting your rights against intrusion, and in getting you compensation when your rights have already been infringed. He has seen the injustices that occur when your rights are infringed on and knows that you sometimes just feel stuck, and wants to help.

We are fortunate to live in a country that not only explicitly protects rights, but also has robust means for us to enforce our rights and remedy violations. That is true whether it be our freedoms of expression (speech, religion, assembly, petition, and press), property rights, rights to privacy and personal autonomy, our rights when accused, and our rights to vote. Freedom and equal rights are the founding principles of our country, and are the reasons Ben opened his practice.

Ben is a member in good standing of the California Bar Association (ID# 292341), and a member of both the San Diego County Bar Association (SDCBA) and the Bar Association of Northern San Diego County (BANSDC). He also participates in the Louis M. Welsh American Inns of Court. He has been a delegate of the SDCBA to the Conference of California Bar Associations for the past seven years, where he helps recommend policy changes to our California Legislature, Courts, and Bar Association. He is a Double Duck with his Bachelor of Science in Political Science (minors in Business Administration and Economics), and his Juris Doctorate all from the University of Oregon. During undergrad, he spent a summer semester at Georgetown University while interning in Washington, D.C., and during law school, took a course accredited by Ohio Northern University’s Claude W. Petit College of Law along with doing another internship in Washington D.C.

Outside of law and academics, Ben is most proud of two accomplishments: (1) Having successfully launched a chapter of The National Society of Leadership and Success at the University of Oregon that is still going strong today. (2) In his time as a Student Senator of the Associated Students of the University of Oregon in which he wrote and passed nine constitutional amendments that corrected structural and substantial deficiencies in the student government.

To learn more about Ben or his expertise, please check out his LinkedIn, or blog.

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