Appeals (civil or criminal)

“If no appeal were possible, I have no great hesitation in saying that this would not be a desirable country to live in. … It is quite true that there is enough difficulty in appealing as it is; but if there is to be no appeal at all possible, the system would be intolerable”

– Charles Bowen, Baron Bowen, L.J. The Queen v. Justices of County of London, &c. (1893), L. R. 2 Q. B. 492

Your trial is over, what now? At the risk of sounding like a typical lawyer, the answer is “it depends.” It depends on whether the court made an error that affected the outcome against you. If you are wondering whether that happened, please contact Ben, and he will look at your case.

Alternatively, if the trial is over, you have won, and the other party is appealing, contact Ben, and you and he will see if he is a good fit to defend your victory on appeal.

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