If you think you have been wronged by a governmental entity (including but not limited to police and public schools), are subject to an unjust law, or are wondering whether to appeal a trial decision (or have to defend a trial decision on appeal), please contact Ben Rudin for a free consultation. Though Ben is an attorney in San Diego, California, he may be able to help you regardless where you are situated in the U.S. He will learn from you the facts of your situation and research the matters of law free of charge in determining the viability your case. Please feel free to click any of the category links below for more information.

Personal Injury

Buzzwords: personal injury; civil; litigation; car accident; car crash; assault; battery; negligence; false imprisonment; trespass; infliction of emotional distress; intentional infliction of emotional distress; negligent infliction of emotional distress; lawsuit; conversion

Freedom of Expression

Buzzwords: freedom of speech; freedom of the press; freedom of religion; freedom of petition; freedom to assemble; free speech; free press; free expression; First Amendment; 1st Amendment; Jewish; Christian; Muslim; Atheist; agnostic; Democrat; Republican; Independent; Green; Third Party; newspaper; website; blog; video; movie; webcast; radio; lawsuit; file suit; initiative; referendum; recall; strict scrutiny

Private Property Rights

Buzzwords: property; seizure; home; house; land; building; ownership; copyright; patent; trademark; public use; eminent domain; just compensation; warrant; ownership; homeowner; personal property; chattel; possession; goods; valuables; intellectual property

Right to Privacy and Personal Autonomy

Buzzwords: right to privacy; search; seizure; warrant; safety; discrimination; equal protection; right to travel; freedom to move; unreasonable search and seizure; race; sex; gender; ethnicity; sexual orientation; religion; immigration status; freedom to transact; contract; impairment; obligation; commerce; interstate commerce; slavery; indentured servitude; Fourth Amendment; Thirteenth Amendment; Fourteenth Amendment; 4th Amendment; 13th Amendment; 14th Amendment; rational basis; strict scrutiny; intermediate scrutiny

Right to Vote

Buzzwords: vote; right to vote; age; race; sex; poll tax; Fifteenth Amendment; Nineteenth Amendment; Twenty-Sixth Amendment; Twenty-Fourth Amendment; 15th Amendment; 19th Amendment; 26th Amendment; 24th Amendment; undue burden

Rights from Arrest to Bail to Jail

Buzzwords: Miranda; ex post facto; double jeopardy; writ; habeas corpus; speedy trial; public hearing; self-incrimination; pleading the fifth; bail; cruel; unusual; cruel or unusual punishment; grand jury; capital crime; void; vagueness; reasonable bail; assistance of counsel; confrontation; cruel and unusual; police; correction officers; guards; judge; trial by jury

Anything else. Do you have a potential case against the government or right violated that does not fall neatly in any of the above categories? You may still be in luck. Give Ben a call or email, and he will see.

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